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Our screens are designed to give both privacy or protection from insects.

Easy to operate, they are the ultimate functional solution. They can be fabricated in many colours, up to 7 metres in Length for manual systems and motorised systems and 15 metres in length for fully motorised systems.

At Niche Solutions our fly screens are made to last are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, we offer a wide spectrum of fly screen solutions, from roller to pleated systems, we have over 7 different mesh colours and can offer any hardware colour in the British Ral spectrum.

At Niche Solutions our fly screens can be internally or externally installed can cover bi-folding doors, lean to windows, french windows, patio doors and bi-fold patio doors. With minimal maintenance our fly screens are really easy to use they can stop midges, flys, wasps, bees, spiders and are also very good at preventing pets from escaping.

At Niche Solutions you can choose from 25mm pleated or roller flyscreens on many small to mid size applications or for larger screens we offer a fully motorised fly screen that not only comes from top to bottom but can slide from left to right or right to left

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